I have felt hopeless about overcoming my struggle with food because, to be honest, I just love unhealthy food so much.  Because I know the power food has had over me, I am skeptical about trying anything that claims to help with cravings or weight loss.  Also, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on myself unless it’s for food or entertainment. I have a hard time buying clothes or shoes that cost over $20.  I don’t spend much on make-up, accessories, or manicures.  I had heard about Plexus before, but thought it was just another fad.  However, after continuing to learn about Plexus products and their health benefits, which go beyond weight loss, and after a friend offered me a deal to try them at wholesale prices, I decided to invest my money and see what happens.

In thirteen days of using Plexus, I have:

  • resisted sugary treats in the break room at work more than once
  • consumed well over 8 cups of water a day
  • preferred water over anything else and actually poured out a carbonated drink I bought
  • experienced no back pain when I get out of bed in the morning, which I had been experiencing constantly for the past 3-4 weeks prior
  • felt more confident and energetic
  • had an easier time going to the bathroom (I know, TMI!)
  • lost 8.6 pounds

I haven’t changed my eating habits entirely.  I’ve had fast food, sweet tea, and diet coke on a few occasions.  What I haven’t done is bought a whole box of Little Debbie snacks to eat at work in one day and I haven’t sat in my car eating in secret.  I haven’t craved Dr. Pepper, which is usually my go-to drink when I’m tired, stressed, or thirsty.

Yes, I’m only 13 days in, and I’m sure I will continue to have struggles and cravings, but I just wanted to share these positive things because I am now a believer!