In 12 weeks, I have lost 12 pounds.  They say a pound a week is a good, safe number.  Of course I’d be happy with more, but I’ll take it.  I know the number on the scale is not the most important thing, but it is one way to measure whether or not I am taking care of my body.   I have a number in mind I’d like to reach, but more than that, I want to be healthy.  Being 5’3″ and over 260 pounds is not healthy, so yes, the scale is one indicator of my progress.

I have increased my activity level.  I am no athlete, but I am moving more than I have most of my adult life.  I have a Fitbit to motivate me to get up and move more, especially at work.  Plus I have been doing some kind of intentional exercise 4-6 days a week.   Some days, it may be a one mile walk.  Other days, it’s a DVD workout.  To those more advanced than me, it may not seem like much, but the important thing is I am moving.

I still struggle with overeating, but instead of daily, it is 2-3 days a week.  I am learning to stop, think, and pray before giving in to my food cravings.  Sometimes I fail, but I can’t dwell on my mistakes for too long or I will just feel defeated and give up.  I have to keep going.

So that’s where I am right now.  As always, a work in progress.  🙂