My husband and I attended Financial Peace University from September-December 2010.  We now spend a lot of time listening to Dave Ramsey, reading his books, playing his new game, and trying to apply his principles.  Josh wrote on facebook the other day that it was so funny for Christmas I got him the new Act Your Wage game, and he got me The Total Money Makeover book.  Not that Dave Ramsey is God, but he has walked through a financial mess and has overcome it, and now God has placed the calling on his life to help others do the same.  I do not worship Dave Ramsey, but I learn from him as I worship my God and seek true financial peace.

We have gotten on a budget and we have built up a small emergency fund. We have lots of debt to face now, but with the emergency fund in place, I don’t have to worry when unexpected events occur and I won’t have to turn to more debt!   We just completed our baby emergency fund two days ago, so now we are starting the new year ready to tackle this debt!  The debt snowball is about to get rolling and I am so excited!

We have a long way to go, but now I live with hope instead of fear.