It’s New Year’s Eve, and I know as the new year approaches, people are making resolutions and looking back at the good and bad of the year that’s passing.  I am not making any resolutions this year because I’ll just fail anyway.  I don’t say that to be negative toward myself.  What I mean is whenever I make a resolution, I try to accomplish whatever it is through my own will and strength, and then I just give up.  So I only pray I will continue to allow God to shape my life in the way that He desires and through His power.

2010 has been an amazing year for me.  There were some areas of my life in which I needed a healing touch from God, and I got it!  As a result, I have grown in my relationship with Him and with my husband.  I also took some steps to improve my health by losing 30 pounds, although I still have a long way to go.  I’ve learned to allow God to be in control of my finances, which has resulted in less stress and worry!  Finally, God has been dealing with my insecurities and teaching me to step out in faith and take risks.  Now I am looking forward to the next step in this journey!