After years and years of waiting… finally I am getting married!  Josh and I found each other a year ago and will be getting married September 8, 2007.   

 We have kind of done things out of order, but that’s okay… I’ve learned things don’t always go as planned!  We’ve been talking of getting married almost since the beginning, but the indecisive one that I am, wanted to make sure it was right.  We did our premarital counseling, then as we were finishing up, I finally decided I knew for sure I was ready to marry him.  Then, a couple of weeks ago, after some guidance from our Pastor, and others, we set the date for September 8… a lot sooner than I was planning as well!  

 Sunday night, Josh set up a romantic candlelight dinner for me in his apartment, where he officially proposed, giving me an envelope which noted inside the ring is to come soon.  Today I got the ring!  

So it’s kind of funny… but in the end what matters is that we have each other. 

It is amazing the support we are receiving from others.  Financially, a wedding is out of reach for us, but so many people have offered to pitch in and help make it a special occasion.  Thanks to all my friends and church family for the prayers, advice, encouragement, and help in making this possible because we certainly could not do it without you!

 And thanks to God, whose timing is perfect and whose plans for me are far greater than any I could dream up of my own!